Getting Started with Remote Breakroom


Here to help you answer the easy questions, so you can get started on your Remote Breakroom journey!

Can employees choose what snacks are in the boxes?

Unfortunately no, but trust us with our snack selections! 

All of our snacks are pre-selected as we research products that are healthy, trending and popular among large markets and consumer favorites.  Every box has a variety of sweets, savory, chips, crackers, granola bars, nuts and more! We also accommodate to any snack restrictions or snack allergies as well, so those boxes are created to meet those needs.

What is the lead time?

We typically ask for a two week lead time. Production of boxes is a quick turn-around but shipping can be unpredictable.

How much does shipping cost?

FREE Ground shipping anywhere in the U.S. If your order request date is under the two-week lead time, expedited shipping fees may be additional. We try to work this fee into your budget. 

Do you ship internationally?

We can! There is an additional fee per box for international shipping and price varies by location. So just let us know where you would like the box shipped to and we can send over a quote. 

Can we brand the boxes?

Although you cannot brand the actual box we do offer a free custom card in every box! You can add a personal message and we can place your company logo on the card. 

Do you offer bulk pricing?

We allow for customization pricing to an extent. Let us know your budget per box and we will help you create the perfect box for your team!