The Top Five Tips for Boosting Remote Worker Morale

So the work from home revolution hasn't ended. Maybe you wonder how you can continue to keep your team motivated and working in this new age? The remote work culture is still growing and developing, but we have some ideas for you.

We all know that some employees struggle with loneliness and lack of motivation when they work from home. Below are a few ideas you can use to help energize your employees and demonstrate gratitude for all their hard work.

Communicate And Connect

This is a vital time for employees to connect with each other and their managers regularly. Leaders who take the time to motivate and reward their teams have shown a significant increase in productivity.

Rewards can come in many fashions, but one of the most exciting options is a Remote breakroom. Remote Breakroom was developed during the height of the pandemic to help management and office managers deliver rewards, support, and fun to their new remote employees.

Research shows us that employees are more engaged with their tasks when management shares company goals and vision. Using multiple forms of communication can help employees work more effectively.

Remember to encourage employees to ask for feedback and have one-on-one sessions with them to provide it. Leaders who aren't clear about goals and expectations have reported significantly reduced need to "check-in" on employees.

Make It Manageable

Remote and hybrid workforces aren't going anywhere, and keeping employee morale up is going to take effort. Make at-home and remote work manageable and driven by clear goals. Create focused and driven employees with clear expectations.

When employees feel like they can do the job and are supported, overall productivity and work quality increase. To encourage this, consider rewarding your star employees with snacks and support packages from Remote Breakroom. They provide an easy way for you to show your staff how much you care and are a great way to boost morale!

Remember Using software to keep goals and deadlines helps employees stay focused and accountable for their projects. Help staff find mentorship to learn their job or field better, and consider encouraging employees to set goals for their out of work-life as well.

Notice And Appreciate

When employees know you care and appreciate their hard work, they are more productive and are much more likely to stay with the company. Take time out each day, week or month to call out wins and people going the extra mile. Send snack boxes for that extra effort, encourage them to enjoy it with the sunset after a good day's work.

Encourage your teams to have fun when creating. Send out handwritten thank you notes when someone goes the extra mile. Remember to be aware of how well each employee is handling their workload. Don't be afraid to send snack boxes when goals are met.

Employees report increased morale when they receive food-based gifts and rewards. Go the extra mile for your team and send out one before your virtual event so you can all open them together.

Enjoy Time Offline

When employees work remotely, they often feel pressure to answer emails outside of regular working hours. Taking weekends, evenings, and breaks away from the screens is incredibly important. Time away helps to keep employees clear-headed and enjoying their job.

The Remote Breakroom offers snacks and coffee or tea boxes that you can get for your teams or individual employees. Encourage them to have a fresh cup of coffee outside or read a book with a delicious cup of tea. Remember to keep clear working hours for your staff and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Care For Your Team

Some people can sit behind the computer for hours and hours without moving anything other than fingers and eyes. While it might be great for productivity, it's not so great for the long-term health of your employees.

Encourage your team to eat right, move every hour, and sleep at least 7- 9 hours each night. Staff who remember to stretch, change sitting or standing positions, and get sunlight every few hours have overall higher work morale.

Encourage your staff members to breathe some fresh air while they have a rewarding snack box outside. Keeping fit helps you feel better. If your employees prioritize their health, they will feel better, and you will see better morale from your staff! A steady supply of fun snacks can help to keep your energy up during the day.

Give Opportunities

Investing in your employees will encourage them to invest in the company. Besides fun snack boxes like the "happy hour box" from Remote Breakroom, consider offering employees opportunities to improve themselves.

From a work skill set to a language, writing, or even math skills, employees who improve are more motivated and productive. Foster opportunities that get employees to connect with others in their field when possible.

Final Thoughts

In the beginning, it can be dull or lonely working from home. Employees that are new to remote work can find it hard to know what they need to succeed.

As a manager, you can assist in office setups and teach your team how to use the technology. Sending snack boxes for birthdays, holidays, or any time can help your team feel connected and appreciated while we're further away from each other than ever before.

Remember to encourage your staff to communicate their needs and if they get overwhelmed, take a short break with a snack box from Remote Breakroom. Try it out today!