7 Self-Care Tips for Working from Home

People who work from home often struggle with finding boundaries and balance. They pour themselves into work that bleeds into the late hours, and sometimes forget to relax and take care of themselves. Having a self-care regimen is far from selfish. In fact, developing a habit of consistent self-care will make you a better remote employee, parent and person. Here are seven self-care tips especially for those who work from home.

Stake Out Your Space

Having a large home office would be ideal, but most of us have limited space. Even so, it is important to set apart an area that is specifically used as home office space. Once you have staked out a claim for your home office, let the family know and protect it diligently.

Create a Fake Commute

The traditional commute serves to mentally prepare us for the work day ahead, and allows us to unwind after leaving the office. Since remote work has no commute, it may be helpful to create your own transition time to prepare for the day, and then recharge after the workday.  This time of preparation might be a quick walk around the block, or reading one chapter of a motivational book. Carving out a “fake commute” can be a great way to prepare and regroup before and after the workday.

Lighting Matters

Light sources offer a powerful effect on work and energy levels. While working at home, lack of proper lighting can downgrade your sleep rhythms and contribute to poor work and mood. Enhance the light in your work environment by considering the proper amount of light for your home office. Keeping your windows clean helps too!

Take Breaks, Snack Healthy

If you worked at a traditional office, you would probably squeeze in a few breaks, so do the same thing for yourself at home. Use break time to get up and stretch, or catch a quick walk around the block. Grab a drink and enjoy it with a healthy snack. In addition to our convenient healthy snack boxes, try some of Nature’s fast foods:

  • Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries help your body repair cells, control weight and boost overall health.
  • Vegetables: Broccoli and carrot sticks are power foods that offer tremendous health benefits.
  • Seeds and Nuts: Offering protein and regulating blood sugar, nuts and seeds are an ideal snack in moderation. The less salt, the better.

Eat Lunch

Snacks are great, but don’t forget to have a REAL lunch. Working at home gives you the opportunity to use your own kitchen and to stock healthy prepared fixings in your own refrigerator. Think ahead by preparing meat and chopping vegetables so your lunch prep can be quick and efficient. Then, sit down, relax and enjoy your food.

Sleep Well

You’ve heard it before -- but it’s true. Sleep can squash stress, prevent disease, and repair cells. Shoot for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Experts say that getting to bed and waking up at the same time every day can boost sleep quality.

Declutter Your Space

Clearing out the clutter can reduce stress and anxiety in your home office. Decluttering makes everything easier to find and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Doing it regularly breaks up your workday and motivates productivity.

Wrap Up

When you work from home, your personal space can get a little fuzzy. This is why remote employees need to practice self-care on purpose. Besides the tips listed above, try adding a regular exercise routine and making time for yourself outside of the home. Once you put self-care on your radar and make it a priority, it will become a happy part of your work-from-home life.